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Advertiser Questions

What kind of traffic do you offer ?

we offer only users from our trusted publishers, this conatins direct type in and search traffic.

Which Ad formats do you provide ?

We provide CPC (per click – text and display), CPA (per action/affiliates) and CPM (per view) Formats.

How do i set a campaign?

It’s done in just in few clicks, – just log in to your account, fund your campaign, set your budget, target your audience and get started

What is the minimum budget/spend to start a campaign?

We provide a limit of US$ 100 to get started. We accept credit cards, paypal, bank wires.  You will be refunded  – if you wish to quit your campaign and still got funds on your account.

Can i set multiple campaigns at the same time?

Yes, with our full automated mechanism, you can run up to 20 campaigns by different keywords, verticals at the same time.

Which targeting options do you provide?

You can target by:
Keywords, GEO IP, Zip code, City Name, Devices: mobile, desktop, tablet
Devices operating systems, Browser language

How long does it takes to approve new campaign ?

in most cases each new camapign is approved in 1h. Sometimes it might takes us longer, but max 24h

My advertising campaign was denied. Why?

We are particular about the quality of ads served on our network.

Serving of ad formats/ types are strictly against our compliance policy

• Toolbar, software installation without the user consent
• Sticky anti malware, fake virus detected ads
• Annoying alert sound ads
• Illicit content, fake offers, money games, tobacco, alcohol, gambling, weapons…

Publisher Questions

What traffic do you accept?

we accept search, direct type in and NXDomain traffic.

How do i send my traffic to you?

Best way to send traffic to us, is via our RTB2GO – XML feed or pointing your DNS to our Nameservers, but works as well via JavaScript invocation code for redirect or pop. Unless instructed otherwise by your account manager, use our nameserver: ns1.ndsplitter.com  ns2.ndsplitter.com

What payment methods do you provide?

We offer bankwires and paypal payments – on net30 schedule

Do you provide cpc landing pages with for sale/ contact form option?

Yes, we do. Just request at your account manager “For Sale” landing page set


General Questions

What is zero-click advertising?

The concept of “zero click “- or zero click redirects,
is where visitor of your domain name or website automatically gets after few mili seconds forwarded to a relevant advertiser.

Where can i get API Manual for RTB2GO?

Just sign up – all informations and specifications and listed in your account.


How can I restore my login details?

1. click lost password on the log-in page  and you will receive an email
2. click on the link within the email, new password is sent by email