Ad Exchange in Real time

Traffic Club provides smarter digital advertising solutions
to agencies, brand holders and premium publishers.

Why Choose Us?

Traffic.Club provides tailor made solutions to suit our customers demand and specific requirements.
We have over 14 years’ experience in digital marketing, management, traffic exchange and monetization.

As each unique visitor on your online property has different values for (various) online advertisers, we have built our technology to be able to distribute your traffic in the most efficient way. With our real time bidding engine, we are able to provide the highest possible value for every unique impression to our publishers and media buying partners. This results in effective distribution and optimized pricing on each click or redirect.


We Believe In What We Do

We are driven to deliver profitable solutions with a user-friendly nature of our services, so you can rest assured and feel comfortable knowing you are in good hands. If you are seeking smart performing ad campaigns or higher revenues from your current inventory, then is your choice. Join us now and let us do the work to set your goals in action.

Some Facts About Us

At Traffic.Club we have over a decade experience in digital marketing
as media publisher and media buyer, covering both sides of the industry.

Founded in 2016 in Luxembourg, since 2018 member of the CentralNic Group PLC. Operating offices in Germany since March 2020


Our awesome features

Traffic.Club offers powerful tools and performance driven services

Smart Data

targeted performance on each single individual user

Global Coverage

get your audience and ad coverage worldwide.

Responsive Ad Formats

Cross device targeting and responsive Ad formats

API Reporting

fast and extensive, our reporting and managmenent API solutions

We love direct type in Traffic!

We love DNS -direct-type in traffic.

24/7 Support

24/7 support in 5 languages